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Customising reMarkable's Splash Screens

By Aslam Najeebdeen
June 29, 2022

Step 01: Download and unzip the zip file.

Step 02: Go to /usr/share/remarkable and rename the original suspended.png file. This can be done with an installer app or manually.

Step 03: Copy the suspended.png file to /usr/share/remarkable .

Step 04: Enjoy! 😍

The pdf file can be used if you can't / don't want to install the png image. Just open the pdf and let the reMarkable go to sleep.

Bonus step:

You can repeat the same steps to install sleep and power off splash screens as well.

/usr/share/remarkable/sleeping.png (sleep) 

/usr/share/remarkable/poweroff.png  (light sleep)

External resources:

  • freeremarkabletools[dot]com

  • Hirako2000 has written a detailed article here showing how to customize the splash screens in reMarkable tablet.

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